Featured Grants

The following are examples of larger grants the Trust has made over the years.

Larger Grants

Home-Start CHAMS £30,000

Home-Start CHAMS £30,000

Local charity Home-Start Crawley, Horsham and Mid-Sussex (CHAMS) were awarded £10,000 per year for 3 years to support its work with vulnerable families in need. http://www.home-start.org.uk

Worldwide Volunteering for Young People, Gatwick

Worldwide Volunteering for Young People, Gatwick £42,000

Worldwide Volunteering (WWV) has a great deal of experience and tested methodology for creating volunteers to assist the local community. Gatwick Airport Community Trust awarded a grant of £21,000 a year for two years to part fund a programme to inform young people in schools and youth organisations in the Gatwick area about the benefits and opportunities volunteering brings, motivate and assist them to become active volunteers. The programme also aimed to make local charities aware of how young volunteers can assist them and encourage them to provide suitable opportunities.

Innes Pavilion, Horley - £30,000

GACT awarded a grant of £30,000 towards the cost of the replacement roof at the Innes Pavilion in Horley. This helped to safeguard an important local community facility for the future.

Charlwood Sports & Community Centre

Charlwood Sports & Community Centre - £30,000

A grant of £30,000 spread over three years was awarded towards the cost of building the new Charlwood Sports and Community Centre. www.charlwoodandhookwood.co.uk

Tall Ships Youth Trust

Tall Ships Youth Trust – £20,000

A Grant of 20,000 over two years to support a project for disabled/disadvantaged young people from Gatwick Airport Community Trust’s area of benefit.

The UK’s oldest and largest sail training charity Tall Ships Youth Trust offers young people, from all walks of life, unique physically and mentally challenging experiences at sea which aim to develop their long-term life skills including team working, confidence and problem solving skills. Visit www.tallships.org

Crawley Open House

Capel Sports Pavilion - £20,000

A grant of £20,000 spread over two years to help towards the transformation of a dilapidated facility into a new focus for the community.

Crawley Open House – £20,000

A pledge of 20,000 spread over two years to help towards the transformation of a disused building into a life-skills and employability workshop for the homeless, ex-homeless and disadvantaged. www.crawleyopenhouse.co.uk

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